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GunGirlsUK is more than just ‘another website’!
GunGirlsuk is a site with sexy girls and guns; models of all shapes and sizes, in various sexy uniforms and locations, armed with a variety of hot weapons.

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we are now looking for new gungirls to join our team, if you think you fit the bill then send us an email with your details and a photo and we will get back to you with an audition date. May 25th
New fan club gallery coming soon. Yes we want you to send in your photos holding a pic of your fave gungirl, the best one each week wins 3 months FREE membership and a personalised photo from that girl, so get printing those girls off and start posing with your own weapons (keep it clean please)
Fantastic night at the gungirl Xmas VIP party, and we raised £140 for Help for Heroes, well done to all the girls and a big thank you to all of you that supported us. Check out some of the photos of the night at Quest

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we will be holding a raffle through the year open to both members and non-members, look out for updates soon


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